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    Look at #7 at this site:


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    As far as I am aware there is only one way to write out the number in standard form and that is

    1.67895 x 10^5

    The other possibility is E notation as


    Some text books distinguish between various types of standard form and include a normalised standard form. So that a 'standard form' is represenatation in the form

    a x 10^z

    1.67895 x 10^5
    16.7895 x 10^4
    167.895 x 10^3
    1678.95 x 10^2
    1.6789.5 x 10^1
    1.67895 x 10^0

    are all possibilities

    and 'normalised SF' is

    a x 10^z where 1<=a<10

    1.67895 x 10^5 is the only possibility.

    I have never seen 'normalised SF' referred to in practice always 'standard form', and these days as 'scientific notation' is by far the most common.

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    i am actually in 5th grade.... actually exponients are not that difficult normalised is actually simplified to the definition of 10000,00000.

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    im in fifth grade to

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