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I reposted to the other question but this is the exact directions:

Analyze & summarize the origin and subsequent evolution of our team's collective personal and workplace values and how they compare with your chosen company (ours is Microsoft)

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    I am just not understanding what is being asjed for by the origin and subsequent evolution

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    Ahh! Thank you for the clarification. Now your question makes sense!

    First, discuss personal and workplace values with all members of your team. Where did they get their personal values? I suspect most of us absorbed these values from our parents. I'll always remember what my Dad said when I was working in the clothing department of a large department store. I mentioned standing around when there was nothing to do at work. He berated me, stating that there is always something to do at work -- like straightening the merchandise.

    After you and your team has thoroughly discussed your personal and workplace values, then you compare them with what you know about the values of Microsoft.

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    okay and subsequent evolution just means a prediciton of the future or what the companies future may old if they stick yo their present values, right?

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    The question asks two things:

    How did the values start?
    How did these values continue to grow?

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