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Hi, I am getting very frustrated. I am doing an online homework for chemistry and it's telling me to round to the nearest WHOLE number.

So the answer I got was -1435.650....
And I typed in -1436. and said I was wrong and so I tried it again and typed 1.4 x 10^3, wrong again. The answer they gave was 1.44 x 10^3

Another problem: answer was -3623.895556
So I tried the answer -3.62 x 10^3, wrong.
The answer was -3.624 x 10^3

How do you round to whole numbers? I keep on getting these problems wrong just because I don't round correctly. Help please!

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    I agree that -1435.65 rounded to nearest whole number = -1436 or -1.436 * 10^3.

    Although it is rare, sometimes book answers are in error. Check with your teacher.

    However, I would agree with -3.624 * 10^3 for the second problem.

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