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Which group of words is the sentence below misplaced?

Having been discovered, Fifi looked up at his owner with puppy-dog eyes.

a)with puppy-dog eyes
b)been discovered
c)his owner
d)Fifi looked up

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    I think the answer is.
    b) been discovered

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    It could also be
    a) with puppy-dog eyes?

    So it would read:

    Having been discovered, Fifi looked up at his owner

    Kind of doens't make sense to me.

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    Ask yourself if Fifi was the one who was discovered. If so, then the first part of the sentence is correct.

    Then ask yourself if the owner had "puppy dog eyes." If so, it's correct, too. If not, then what needs to be moved? And where?

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    Having been discovered, Fifi looked up at his owner with puppy-dog eyes.

    First sentence is right. Second sentence 'the owner' didn't have puppy dog eyes.

    So, I say remove c) his owner

    and it will read

    Having been discovered, Fifi looked up with puppy-dog eyes. ?

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    Wow!! Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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