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"WWII ends"

Would this be considered a movement,trend, or activities in literature, science, art or economics...anyone of these?

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    It would be considered an event.

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    We could consider the end of WWII an activity in economics. Instead of spending immense amounts of money on the war effort, the countries now had this money to spend upon rebuilding their societies. Consumer goods, such as refrigerators, cars, and steel for road building could now be manufactured since these factories weren't needed for making guns and military vehicles.

    To a much lesser extent, the end of WWII could also be considered an activity in literature, science, and art.

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    Thank you again! I wasn't sure if the end of WWII would be considered as any of those activities...

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    You're welcome.

    Please check to see if "event," as suggested by GuruBlue, is the same as "activity."

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