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Which stereoisomer configuration would be more stable, the z configuration or the e configuration?

I tried searching for this, but I only got answers for cis/trans instead of e/z. Can anyone help with it? ty

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    In my ignorance about organic chemistry, I was under the impression that e was trans and z was cis. (z for zusammen and e for entgegen, z same side and e for opposite).

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    My German could be improved. I think zusammen is for together but cis and z go together.

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    Yes lol, z (together) and e (opposite), cis trans is limited to when there are many different substituted groups. But the problem I am have, is that I need to know which configuration is more stable from the e-z? As the more stable compound exists in a greater quantity

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    I think my point was(is) that if you can find sites that distinguish between cis and trans as to the stability, it should apply to e and z as well.

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