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How do I do this probability math problem,--- In 2000, the population of a certain country was about 195 million. The overall birth rate was 18.8 births per 100. The overall death rate was 11.8 deaths per 1000. Based on births & deaths alone(not counting immigration) how much did the population of the country increase during 2000? Thank you in advance

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    Please check your numbers. The birth rate is quoted per 100 and the death rate per 1000.

    Here's a start:

    195 million / 100 = 1 950 000

    1,950,000 * 18.8 = 36 660 000 births

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    So sorry, Been up all night with this math. It is births per 1000, also. And the death rate is per 1000.
    Thank you

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    195 million / 1000 = 195 000
    195,000 * 18.8 = 3,666,000 births

    Do the same for the deaths and then subtract to find the increase in population.

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    thank you so much

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    You're welcome.

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