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A pair of electrons shared by two atoms form a what? a-metallic bond b-double covalent bond c-single covalent bond d-an ionic bond

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    Lol are you thelma? It seems as if you are not trying to solve the questions at all, attempt them...see what you think. (Lol I just hope you are not trying to get someone else to do your homework)

    Anyways...the answer is a single covalent bond.

    Ionic bond involves the transfer of electrons, formed by the electrostatic attraction of oppositely charged ions.
    Metalic bond occurs between metals, it involves electromagnetic interaction between delocalized electrons.
    And double covalent bond would have 2 pairs (hence double) of electrons to share.

    You should try to research all of this, you can easily find the answers, and you will also learn more...instead of just getting the answer from someone else. Try google its very helpful

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    No, this is not Thelma

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    But I think Neee is right. Answer moocher is the term.

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    The answer to the question is,single covalent bond

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