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Basically we have to relpy to these questions .. and i need help ... pls give me some ideas or you opinion on each of these questions ... thx (:

1. do you think political parties effectively represent the canadian population
Make refrence to :Political spectrum and Canada's five federal political parties
2. Is Canada's election process fair
Make specific refrence to First Past the Post
3. What kind of role does the media play in the election process ? ( GIVE TWO REASONS TO SUPPORT THE ANSWER )
4. Do you think Canada is best suited for majority or minority goverment ?( GIVE TWO REASONS TO SUPPORT THE ANSWER )

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    We'd like to help you, but we don't have access to the articles you're supposed to use as references.

    What do you think?

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    I didn't use any article .. it just some questions we were asked to answer

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    1) Do you think the five parties really represent the varieties of Canadian opinions?

    2) Are Canadian elections fair? What is "First Past the Post"?

    3) Do TV, the internet, radio, newspapers, and magazines play a role in elections? Which ones do you pay the most attention to?

    4) How would a minority government differ from a majority government?

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