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The heating value of a Gas is 39MJm-3

a) If 4.5m-3 of the gas is burned how much energy is released?

b) If the gas is burned in 5 minutes what is the power?

c) If the burning occurs in an engine that converts the energy to forward
motion and the engine is 20% efficient in converting the heat energy: what is
the kinetic energy a vehicle would have after burning the above quantity of
gas? – (assume no losses due to friction or air resistance)

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    a) Do you mean 4.5 m-3 or
    4.5*10^-3 m^3 ?

    The number you wrote is not a volume

  • physics -

    I'm not sure, it says 4.5 m^-3

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    4.5/m^3 just is not volume. Assume it meant 4.5m3.

    Then energy= heatvalue*volume=39MJ/m^3*4.5m^3=you do it.

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