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1.)When testing a patient’s eyes for focusing ability, one doctor uses these three cards. Card 1 is placed 3.0 m from the patient. The other two cards are placed so that the letter E on them will appear to be the same size to the patient as the E on Card 1.
a.)Measure the width of the E on each card.
b.)Calculate the ratios:
width on card 1/width on card 2 and width on card 1/width on card 3.
c.)Use these ratios to predict how far Card 2 and Card 3 should be placed from the patient, if the patient’s vision is normal.
d.)Create the three cards and carry out the test with a partner. Do the results confirm your predictions?
e.)Can you describe how the experiment would change if Card 2 was placed 3 m away to start?

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    I will happy to criquue your work, but am not holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

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