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What does it mean to be "simplified"

which one is most "simple"
6 + 10


I've been told both and wonder if someone can give me the correct answer

some of my teachers told me simplified means all of the operations that can be done are done and the expression can not be simplified further in which case the second one is more simple

yet I have had teachers who say that the more simplified version is the first one because it's factored... yet you could chose to multiply out but don't becaues it's considered more simple because it's factored...

Which answer is correct I have been told both by differnt teachers that I have had...

what does it mean to be "simplified"
all the expressions that can be done are done makes sense as you can't rewrite the expression in a simpler form... but if you can factor do you factor...

I think I made sense don't udnerstand what exactly it means to be simplified as some teachers of marked me wrong for not factoring when I could of because it's not "simple" yet by some teachers it means other things

I just realized this while doing some homework a very simple problem and was like what does it mean to simple and realized I have been told several things by different teachers that I have had in the past...

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    I would think that 16 is the most simplified.

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