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This is a backwards Hw. They give us the answers and we have to come up with questions for each. The questions should be about homophones, adjectives and adverbs, pronouns,appositives, and count/noncount nouns. They could be multiple choice, fill in the blanks or anything else.

Here are the answers:
1) yes
2) she and I
3) Quickly
4) Advice
5) accept
6) its
7) there
8) The man to whom you spoke
9) Because it doesnt agree with the antecedent
10) Fewer

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    I'll get you started:

    1) Adverbs tell where, when, why, how, and to what extent.

    2) Which is correct?
    Her and me are going shopping.
    She and me are going shopping.
    She and I are going shopping.
    She and me are going shopping.

    We'll be glad to check your questions.

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    Is this good for 4?
    4) You should take my (advise, advice) when it comes to handling stress.

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    I really don't know what to put for 6. Help?

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    6) Snoopy often sleeps on top of (it's, its) dog house.

    The contraction "it's" means it is.
    The possessive pronoun is "its."

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    so I can put which of the two is a possesive pronoun as a question.

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    Yes, you could ask that, or you could ask the student to choose the correct word in the sentence.

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    Can you tell me a sentence that doesnt agree with the antecedent in number

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    Target advertised sweaters for 50% off in their online catalog.

    If anybody wants to succeed in corporate life, they have to know the rules of the game.

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    Thank you so much! One last question =) What part of speech is there?

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    You're very welcome.

    "There" is usually used as an adverb, but it can be used as a pronoun, noun, adjective, or interjection.

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