posted by Drew

It is difficult to type these but I'll do my best. This is the first question and I just don't get it. My professor is out of the country so any help would be appreciated.

Give the IUPAC name for each of the following alkanes:

a. CH3--CH--CH2--CH2--CH3

b. CH3 CH3

c. CH3 CH3

d. CH2--CH3

  1. DrBob222

    It is difficult to handle spacing on the board; it ignores any spaces after the first one. Try drawing condensed structures for these.
    For example, propane is
    CH3CH2CH3 and 2-methyl propane would be
    In general, find the longest chain that includes the most triple/double bonds and name that as the base, then add the groups to that base name.

  2. Dhananjaya sahani

    Ans b-hecsane ans c-octane

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