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A reliable 15-year-old babysitter can be a price maker within her own neighborhood. Suppose that this babysitter wishes to implement a Multipart Pricing Plan. Customers who use her services less than L hours per month will pay a high price of PH dollars per hour. Customers who use her services more than L hours per month will still pay PH dollars for the first L hours, but for any additional hours they can then pay the lower price PL dollars per hour which she will generously set equal to her marginal cost. Assume that market demand is QD = 60 – 10P and her total costs are C = 3Q; so PL = $3 per hour. If she set her high price at $4 per hour, would her customers accept a limit of L = 24 hours per month in order to use the remainder of her services at a price of $3 an hour? Provide a labelled diagram and briefly explain. Suppose that this talented babysitter was also superstar in microeconomics. What values of PH and L should she choose to maximize her profits? Provide a second labelled diagram and briefly explain your results.

P.S. you don't have to draw the diagram but just give me an idea of how to solve the question.


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