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Conduct research on the following three booksellers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a local bookseller of your choice in terms of business model, competition, and m-commerce capabilities. At site click on Investor Relations and Careers on the bottom of the Web site. At site click Barnes & Noble, Inc. at the bottom of their Web site.

• Prepare a six- to eight-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker’s notes. Address the following: Define each bookseller’s business model and describe how they compete with each other. Identify the communication technologies used by each bookstore. Describe the m-commerce capabilities of each bookstore and how each conducts their m-commerce activities. What advantages and disadvantages does m-commerce provide for each bookseller? here is my question. I have started the powerpoint, but it reads more like a "this is the company, this is what we do" type of presentation. I don't understand the business model aspect, in fact, the only part that looks and sounds good is my comparison. Can anyone help me? If someone can get me started on explaining either Amazon or Barnes and Noble, I should be able to take it from there.....

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    I would say something like- Amazon has accomplished the ultimate in accessibility by putting literature of all types at the fingertips of everyone from senior citizens to toddlers.

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    I had to look up "m-commerce." Basically, it's just like e-commerce except can be used on a hand-held mobile device, right? (I never heard of that before, but if there's a difference, you should probably explain it somewhere in your presentation.)
    Here is one definition of what a business model is. (You can find more definitions by googling define "business model" (including the quotation marks).

    Notice how the definition of "business model" goes way beyond just explaining what the business is and how they sell stuff.

    I hope this helps.

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    Conduct research on the following three booksellers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble

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