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Determine the overall orders of the reactions to which the following rate laws apply:
a. rate = k[NO2]^2
b. rate = k
c. rate = k[H2][Br2]^1/2
d. rate = k[NO]^2[O2]

I think the answers are:
a. Second Order
b. Zero Order
c. First Order for H2 and One-half order for Br2
d. Second Order for NO and first order for O2

I am not entirely sure, so I just want to check.


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    a and b are correct. You have the c and d correct for the order of each; however, the problem asks for the overall order. Therefore, c is 1.5 (1 + 1/2 = 1-1/2) and d is 3. The overall order is the sum of the individual orders.

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    Thank You! :)

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