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I am down to three I can not figure out, help please.

(2x^4 + 9x^3 -1) - (9x^2 -2x +4)=

  • algebra 2 -

    ( 2X^4 + 9X^3 -1 ) - ( 9X^2 -2X + 4 ) To remove a parenthesis with a negative sign out front, change the
    sign of each term within the pa-
    2X^4 + 9X^3 -1 -9X^2 + 2X -4
    Combine like-terms:
    2X^4 + 9X^3 -9X^2 +2X -5.
    There were only two like-terms (-1 and -4 ); i don't believe this
    can be simplified further.

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