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I need help on where to go online to find the information below, I think I am missing something, because I can't find it. I have looked at the florida dept of ed., okaloosa district site and the edwins elementary site. Help!!! HEre is the question:

o Search the Web to see how your community might be involved at the school or district you’re investigating. School, district, city, chamber of commerce, county, or state Web sites may provide information. What programs, if any, exist for the school or district that address the needs of students having low SES? What types of programs should or could the school, district, or community provide?

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    I suggest you make an appointment with someone in your local school district to find answers to these questions.

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    I never thought of that, Thanks Sue!!!!!! You have always been a great help.

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    You're welcome. :-)

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    Left wondering what SES means. I wonder if I have it.

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