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I need to know if these are correct I have Bolded the adverbs and underlined the adjectives.
I have had both good and bad experiences when dealing with credit cards. My credit went from good to better and eventually to what I thought was the best credit rating we could have.
The circumstances made it relatively easy to rack those credit cards up to the maximum limit. It became hard to make monthly payments
I like to think that I am more intelligent then I was in the past about credit cards. I more careful this time and choose not to have any. I have a solid commitment to keep from back into debt. It is never too late to turn things around.
Lately I can stay within my budget and have all my bills paid on time. I am completely convinced that credit cards are not a necessity. Things are more enjoyable after that, I have eliminated most of my debt.
The way for me to remember is an adjective describes a noun or pronoun and answers these questions: how many? which one? and what kind?

  • Comm/155 -

    I'm sorry, but your bolding and underlining didn't show up here.

    Please use all caps for the adjectives and adverbs. After each type (adj) or (adv), using parentheses.

    We'll be glad to check your answers if you repost that way.

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