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Haloacetic acids are the most acidic when the

molecule is

A. stable
B. unstable

dihedral angle is

A. intermediate
B. 0
C. 180

conformation is

C. neither

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    people answer????

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    unstable, 180, syn. what did you get for 3,4,8,10?

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    Unstable, 180, SYN is wrong I think its ANTI

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    whats # 3

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    3 is 7, 8.7

    who is sure about this one?

    is it unstable 180 syn?

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    yes unstable 180 and ANTIIII

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    SYN is wrong, its Unstable, 180 (which are correct) and ANTI.

    I did Unstable, 180, and SYN as someone suggested, but got 1 wrong, and I am sure 90% about unstable and 180 were right.

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    does anybody know the last pH calculation on number 4??

    and anth is right

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    what's #10

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    180, Unstable, Anti are correct, just tried it.

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    180, unstable, and anti are the correct answers

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    180, unstable & anti(:

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    180, unstable, and anti worked for me too! :)

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    Unstable, 180, and anti are correct. Thanks!

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