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Haloacetic acids have the largest maximum electrostatic potential when the

Boltzmann distribution is

A. high
B. low
C. intermediate

dipole is

A. low
B. high
C. intermediate

acidity is

A. high
B. low
C. intermediate

  • Chemistry -

    It's not A, B, A...
    well two are right, one is wrong. doesn't say which

  • Chemistry -

    Its B,B,A

  • Chemistry -

    Andre did you bother checking that the answers were in a different order this quarter?

    The answer is Low, High, High

  • Chemistry -

    Low, High, High is right. Thank you! =)

  • Chemistry -

    Low, High, High worked for me, thanks alot

  • Chemistry -

    low high high is correct

  • Chemistry -

    low high high(:

  • Chemistry -

    low high high worked for me! :D

  • Chemistry -

    Low high high is correct. :] Thanks a bunch!

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