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Help! I pushed the wrong key, I guess.
I think I clicked on the cursor when it was at the "measure bar at the top of the page that displays "1...2...3..4.."
I have a paragraph written. I want to indent the second line. The first word on the second line is "coach." When I go to the second line and hit the "tab" key, everything disappears from the line except the "c" which appears at the end of the blank line. The same thing happens if I try to "tab" the third line.
I have even tried doing a "Select All" and copying the document into a new Microsoft Word file, but the same problem exists.
How do I fix this?

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    Since I don't know which edition you have, here are some tutorials:


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    The only other thing I can think of is to exit the document, and when it asks if you want to save, click on No.

    Then start over. All the default settings will return when you open a new file.

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