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Grade 11th Physics

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A bus starts from rest and accelerates uniformly for 20 seconds to a speed of 18 km/h. It then moves with a uniform velocity and it is finally brought to rest in 100 meteres with a constant retardation. If the total distance travelled is 0.5km. Find the accelration, retartdation and total time taken. My answers are total time = 110s Retardation -1/4ms^-2. Please check if they r correct or not!!!

  • Grade 11th Physics -

    Not correct. I will be happy to critique your thinking.

  • Grade 11th Physics -

    then how to do it!!!

  • Grade 11th Physics kinematics -

    an aeroplane takes of at an angle of 45deg to the horizontal. If the vertical component of its velocity is 300kmph, Calculate its actual velocity. what is the horizontal component of it velocity?

  • Grade 11th Physics -

    i studied that in 6th grade lol

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