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Can you please check if the following sentences are correct? I thank you very much in advance.

1) In the morning I usually make coffee for my parents and myself (?). Then I got washed and changed.
2) I usually take the child to the beach.I have to carry a heavy bag (how do you call a bag for the beach?) full (?) of towels, spare swimming costumes and sun lotion.
3) This morning I got up later than usual. My Dad took the child to the seaside whereas my mum and I were at home putting away the breakfast things (?).
4) When we arrived on the beach, I joined (?) my child in the water and we spent nearly an hour bathing.
5) My child always wears water wings because he can’t swim properly. He always keeps his head above water for fear of drowning or of swallowing sea water.

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    1. Make that verb in the second sentence present tense, not past.

    2. It's called a beach bag!

    3. Lower-case "d" on "dad" and comma after "seaside."

    4. "... at the beach ... swimming."

    In 2 and 3, if you are referring to your own child, then say "my child" not "the child."

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