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Give a reasonable sketch, on the axes provided, of the graph of the
function x/(x^2-1)^1/2 showing all characteristics. Use the following pieces
to justify your sketch.

a) Domain ?
b) coordinates x and y intercepts ?
c) Symmetry ? is the function odd, even, or neither ?
d) Asymptotes: Note For vertical asymptotes, you must state all, listing the
values, calculating at least two of the limits. For horizontal asymptotes,
you have the choice of calculating them or giving a valid, mathematical
reason for your answer. Make sure to properly label them.
e) Interval(s) where Increasing and Decreasing ?
f) Local Maximum and Minimum Values ?
g) Interval(s) of Concavity and Points of Inflection (POI)?
h)Sketch the graph.

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