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May someone who has read/watched both romeo and juliet and west side story help me check the following questions please?

1.Which situation is a similarity between Juliet and Maria, the main female characters in Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story?
A. A relative was killed by the man they loved
B. Each one lived in luxury
C. They both liked to wear makeup
D. Both had the opportunity to go to college
E. None of the above.
I would say A as Romeo killed Tybalt and Tony killed Bernardo.

2. Comparing the 2 dramas, which ending is incorrect?
A. The male lead (Romeo or Tony) dies.
B. A good friend or relative of one of the leads dies
C. The female lead (Juliet or Maria) dies.
I would say C as Maria did not die in West Side Story

3. What is the major difference between the 2 dramas?
A. the conflict
B. the love interest
C. the chharacters
D. the setting
E. NOne of the above
I would say D as West Side Story was like the modern version of Romeo and Juliet. Besides, I think the conflict, the love interest, and the characters are basically the same. So I'll pick D as my answer.

Thank You So Much!
I really appreciate that! :-)

  • English (Writeacher/Ms Sue/bobpursley plz help) -

    I agree with your answers.

  • English (Writeacher/Ms Sue/bobpursley plz help) -

    Me too!

  • English (Writeacher/Ms Sue/bobpursley plz help) -

    Thank You so much! :-)

  • English (Writeacher/Ms Sue/bobpursley plz help) -

    You're very welcome.

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