Biology (To SraJMcGin or anyone who can help)

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h t t p : / / w w w . j i s k h a . c o m / d i s p l a y . c g i ? i d = 1 2 7 8 2 7 9 5 7 9

It's a webadress cant post links put it in your adress bar and delete the spaces then press enter. Thanks for the responses! By the way believe it or not those are actually from the 1986 AP Biology test... ya I couldn't make sense of it either lol

I'm doing them for a summer assignment in which my case the teacher just put together some multiple choice questions from past tests based on some chapter we have to read over the summer, makes sense but those questions are very hard and I can't find the answer key to that test anywere on the internet! not even the test itself...

  • Biology (To SraJMcGin or anyone who can help) -

    Ok can't right click copy paste

    scroll to the very top and you should be able to see the link and copy it into the adress bar with no spaces then press enter...

    The reason why I did that becasue the question was a couple of pages back and I cant post links

    If its easier for you do CTRL+F press both of those keys at the same exact time and put in Kate then click Find you should find the post that the link is to. It has a couple of multiple choice questions in it that I can't make sense of at all... you might have to go back a page to find it

    THANKS for the HELP!!!

  • Biology (To SraJMcGin or anyone who can help) -

    Well I have found bits and pieces of that test online and found part of those questions on some power point that had 1986 next to it and the number of the question but no answers though...

  • Sorry -

    didn't know see your posts let me read them ignore these posts for the moment sorry :(

  • Biology/Math person please help -

    Will thanks for the help and ya native language is actually English... I just have a hard time making sense of what the college board is trying to say sometimes that is all lol...

    but ya can somebody who knows biology well and a little bit of math check this out please thanks!

    h t t p : / / w w w . j i s k h a . c o m / d i s p l a y . c g i ? i d = 1 2 7 8 2 6 9 0 4 4

    Also just wondering if any of the tutors on here actually teaches AP biology because if you did you could just look at the answer key and tell me :O or maybe explain why its correct lol... it was worth the shoot

    Oh and yes I do know that the answer is E I found it here from the college board offically if anyone questions it... hey I did that's why it makes absolutely no sense to me at all...

    The question is on page 55 and the answer key for it is on page 57

    h t t p : / / w w w . a p c e n t r a l . c o l l e g e b o a r d . c o m / a p c / p u b l i c / r e p o s i t o r y / 0 6 _ B i o l o g y _ S p e c i a l _ F o c u s _ e v o l u t i o n . p d f

    hmm just saw the "public" in the adress by butting spaces inbetween there I wander whats in the private directory... Im going to go found out!!!

    Thanks for the Help!!!

  • Biology (To SraJMcGin or anyone who can help) -

    Kate, have you seen the following?

    Do you need the AP Websites? I had them on my old computer and I could find them again, if you ask.

    My best advice is find who at your school teaches AP Biology and see if that teacher kept copies of old exams. I had an entire backlog of both AP and IB exams for Spanish and French, but I can't help you on Biology and I've been retired so long, I don't know who is still at my school!

    If you copy just the question, I'll try my best, as we have no AP Biology teacher any longer. The one we had is so ill that he can no longer do any posts.


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