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5p^5q^4 /12n^4 / 15p^2 q/ 3mn^2

There is just so much here I have no idea where to start

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    would it be 3p^3q^4 / 4mn^2

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    5p^5q^4 /12n^4 / 15p^2 q/ 3mn^2

    try writing as

    5p^5q^4 /12n^4
    15p^2 q/ 3mn^2

    which is
    5p^5q^4 /12n^4 * 3mn^2/15p^2 q

    5 p^5 q^4 3 m n^2
    12 n^4 15 p^2 q

    (5*3)/(12*15) = 1/12

    p^5/p^2 = p^3

    q^4/q^1 = q^3

    m = m

    n^2/n^4 = n^-2

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