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Please check the questions about the tragedy Romeo and Juliet below.
1.Friar Laurence could best be described as:
A. a very mean person
B. a happy person
C. someone who likes to please people
I would say C as he did whatever Romeo and Juliet asked him to do.

2. Romeo could be best described as:
A. was in love with love
B. was violent and mean
C. did not make friends easily
I would say A as B and C are just wrong.

3. Benvolio is an angry person. T/F?
I would say false as I think Benvolio is a calm person. On the other hand, I think Mercutio is an angry person.

Thank You.

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    a. I would prefer d) someone who tried to help people. Failing that omission, I agree C.
    2. I agree with you, all are either wrong or shallow. The shallowest is A, but Romeo during the play does mature to an intense passion for Juliet. But in the beginning, he was just trying to act out love poems he had read.
    3. I don't agree that Benvolio is calm, he is mercurial, however, he is reluctant to cause harm. Act III. False.

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    Oh, but at least my answers are all correct = ]
    Thank You.

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    Just to verify, you might try some of the following links (especially Sparks, for example):


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