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The "bureaucracy is often at odds with elected officials and their appointees, who by contrast often get elected or appointed on a promise to implement change. To minimize the effects of leaders who come and go, a bureaucracy will tend to seek power of its own and uses its power, for the most part, to maintain the status quo. When asked to change, bureaucracies often respond with a request for more people and resources rather than with a plan to restructure or become more efficient" (123).

For the discussion this week, imagine that the bureaucracy, or some specific part of it, has become out of control, unconstrained, and unresponsive to the will of the people (popular sovereignty) and something must be changed to, not make it smaller or less powerful, but to make it more responsive to the true will of, or the true best interest of, the people.

What mechanism of constraint or control, of the many available, do you think should be strengthened to best ensure this change is achieved

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