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Can you please tell me if these sentences should be evaluated as grammatically wrong in a test?
I'm looking forward to your prompt reply
THank you
1) Was the hotel as they expected it to be?
The hotel was different from they expected (Correction: No, it wasn't. It was different from the one they expected/had seen in the brochure)
2) How long did they spend travelling?
They spent one day. (correction: They spent one day travelling)/The travelling was one day long (Correction: the journey lasted one day).
3) Did they expected to be accompanied by a guide? Yes, they expected to be.. (correction: Yes, they did)
4) Do they regret going there? Yes, they regret. (Correction: Yes, they do.
5) Did they have any problems with theyr flight back? Yes, their flight was delayed. Correction: Yes, they did.Actually, their flight was delayed for 8 hours)
6) If they had known it would be so tiring, they wouldn'thave gone.
Can you say: they were tired for the travelling?

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    #s 1-5 -- corrections are fine.

    #6 -- Use "from" instead of "for" and the sentence will be fine.

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