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I have to do a lesson plan on diversity for my class and im not sure what kind of lesson plan to do and i cant find any websites that help me
can some please give me suggestions on diversity

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    What age are the children?

    What do YOU want to teach them about diversity?

    If you answer those questions, I'll be glad to help you devise a lesson plan.

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    preschool...I would like to do one about how the children are different yet they are alike in ways.

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    Here's a good template for a lesson plan for any age or subject.

    Some activities you might consider:

    If you have a diverse population, see if one or more parents would come in to teach a game or song. If you can't find parent volunteers, you can teach some songs and games from other cultures.

    Maybe parents could bring in a snack from their culture for the children to share.

    Read stories about various cultures to the children.

    Teach the children a few words in another language.

    Celebrate holidays with appropriate festivities. Example: a pinata at Christmas time

    Of course, you'll need art projects representing various cultures.

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    Thank you that helps so much!!!

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    You're very welcome. :-)

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