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american government

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Public opinion is ordinarily used in reference to whole society.This perspective is:
a)accurate,since Americans are one people and indivisible
b)less accurate than a view of public opinion based on the majority,since the political system operates on the principle of majority rule
c)less accurate than idea that Americans form many publics,which differ greatly in such things as the level of attention they pay to politics
d)less accurate than a view of public opinion based on what the news media are saying about the public

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    I disagree. B doesn't make much sense to me.

    Let's look at C. We have a wide range of opinions in he U.S. -- from libertarians, Tea Partiers, ultra liberals, and a vast majority in the middle. Also -- many people, sadly, pay very little attention to politics. It's amazing to me that less than 60% of voting age citizens actually voted in the 2008 election.

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