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Thank you vey much for helping me!
I still have some doubts about the use of passive and reported speech.I also hope you can check the following reading comprehension.
1) I had lunch at five. Lunch was had at five??
2) "How do you do?" She asked me how I did.
3) How was the tour in Mexico? It was cheap.
4) What did th tour include? It included flights, full board accomodation and guided tours.
5) How long was the plane delayed the day they left? It was delayed till the next day.
6) Was the hotel in Mexico City as they expected it to be? No, the hotel wasn't the one they had seen in the brochure.
7) How did they have to go to Merida? How long did they spend travelling? They had to go there by bus. They spent the whole day travelling.

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