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algebra 2

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Lisa Chen invested $24,000, part at 8% and the rest at 7.2%. How much did she invest at each rate if her income from the 8% investment is two thirds that of the 7.2% investment?

  • algebra 2 -

    Because the two interest rates are slightly different,the investment
    at 8% will be less than 2/3 of the
    7.2% investment by an amount equal
    to the difference between the interest
    rates. 2/3=0.6666, 0.6666-(.08-.072)=
    0.6586. The investment at 7.2%=X dollars, The investment at 8%=0.6586X
    dollars. X+0.6586X=24000, X=14470.03

    INV @ 7.2%=14,470.03
    INV @ 8%=9529.96

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