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Maleic acid is an organic compound composed of 41.39% C, 3.47% H, and the rest oxygen. If 0.250 mol of maleic acid has a mass of 29.0 g, what are the empirical and molecular formulas of maleic acid?

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    Take 100 g sample to give
    41.39 g C
    3.47 g H
    100 - (41.39+3.47) g O

    Convert each to moles.
    Find the ratio of the elements to each other in small whole numbers. An easy way to do that is to divide the smallest number by itself, then divide the others numbers by the same small number then round them to a whole number. This will be the empirical formula.
    To find the molecular formula, first use moles = g/molar mass and solve for molar mass. Then divide the molar mass by the empirical formula mass, and round to a whole number. Post your work if you get stuck.

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    Pls i need d answer from you,tanx

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