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I need to find the answer to this riddle. I followed the directions but didn't come up with anything I see that makes sense. Can anyone help please? Thanks!

What word is spelled after following these directions?

1. Write the words GEORGE WASHINGTON on your paper.
2. Take out all of the E's.
3. Counting only the remaining letters, add an L after each seventh letter.
4. Move the second G to the beginning, and put the last letter in its place.
5. Wherever three consonants appear together, change them in order so that the first consonant in the group becomes the last, the one in second place takes the first position, and the one in third position becomes the middle consonant in the group.
6. Take out the last two vowels.
7. Whenever a double consonant (example, PP, TT, NN, etc.) appears, take out both letters.
8. Beginning with the third letter from the left, interchange each two letters.
9. Take out the last two letters.
10. Move the last letter so that it will be the first letter.
11. Add a D after each fourth letter and at the beginning.
12. Replace every S with an N.
13. Take out the three middle letters.
14. Take out the final letter and put the first letter in its place.

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    This is a favorite "follow the directions" exercise. After a couple of tries, I found the answer.

    Here's how I started.


    Can you finish it from here?

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    This is what I came up with. Still think i need help


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    You're close.

    Hint: The last word is an informal name of a European country.

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    Is it HOLLAND?

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    That's what I got. :-)

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    Good job! Thanks for the help!

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    You're welcome. :-)

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