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Hello Everyone,
My name is Hannah, I am 23 years old and I am currently working towards an AA in Elementary Education. I am taking AED/201 and this week (due Sunday) I am to turn in a short interview that I had with someone in the teaching profession. Because I live in a small town and school is out I am finding it difficult to locate and interviewee. My instructor said that we could conduct the interview in person, over the phone, instant message, or e-mail so I thought perhaps I can find my answers here. I have included the questions for my interview below. I have communicated further with my instructor because I was having difficulties finding someone currently in the teaching position to interview. She has informed me that I can interview anyone in the teaching profession; retired,veteran teacher, new teacher, teachers aid, or substitute. So please feel free to respond. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you all for your time and have a wonderful day.
* If someone that replies is not or was not in Elementary Education please specify this in your response, as the answers will be significantly different from grade level to grade level. Thank you.
1)What are some examples of typical, quick decisions teachers make on a daily basis?

2)What were the five most difficult school-related decisions you made this week (or in your most recent week of school)? What made them difficult?

3)What was the affect of those decisions on the classroom environment? Were the decisions effective?

4) What are some of the most time consuming interruptions that occur in a typical school day and deter from the productivity of the classroom?

5) What are some methods that you practice to minimize the valuable time lost to those interruptions?
Thank you all for your time and effort:)

  • AED/201 Classroom Management Interview -

    As a retired teacher, I can't remember the details of many of these answers.

    You might want to consolidate some of the answers posted on this site.

  • AED/201 Classroom Management Interview -

    Thank you Ms. Sue.

  • AED/201 Classroom Management Interview -

    You're welcome, Hannah.

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