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simplify: sqrt (3/8)

b) sqrt(3) / 2 sqrt(2)
c) 3/ sqrt (2)

  • algebra -

    = √3/√8 * √8/√8
    = √24/8
    = 2√6/8
    = √6/4

    which does not match any of your answers, unless you were careless with the use of brackets.

  • algebra -

    im so clueless on how to write this square roots

  • algebra -

    It is not the way you write the square root sign, but rather your use of brackets that is the problem.

    e.g. for the correct answer above, you should have written

    (take the square root of 6, then divide by 4,
    the way you had it says, divide 6 by 4, then take the square root)

  • For Ant/Kiddo - parentheses -

    You need to take care when transcribing a properly typeset expression onto one line for posting.
    The numerator and denominator are well defined in the original document, which we do not see.
    Whenever you encounter a division (or a fraction), you will need to insert parentheses to delimit the numerator and denominator. The same applies to square-roots.

    For example, in answer (b) above, if it was printed as:


    You will mentally insert parentheses around the numerator and denominator as follows:


    Then transcribe it as:
    (sqrt(3))/(2sqrt(2)) to give the same expression. The pair of parentheses around the numerator may then be optionally removed, afterwards.

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