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1. Who is the oldest?
- They are the same age.

2. Who is older, Betty or Tom?
They are (of) the same age.
(Can we add 'of'? Are the questionsa and answerws right?)

3. Who is heavier, Emily or Mary?
3-1. Both are the same weight.
3-2. They are the same weight.
3-3. They weigh the same.
3-4. Both weigh the same.
(Are the answers all grammatical?)

4. Who is taller, Sam or Bob?
4-1. They are the same height.
4-2. Sam has the same height as Bob.
4-3. Both has the same height.
4-4. Both are the same height.
4-5. Sam is as tall as Bob.
(Are the answers grammatical?)

  • English -

    1. Correct.

    2. Don't add "of."

    3. All answers are grammatical.

    4. All are correct excpt for 4-3. It should be "Both HAVE the same height."

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