posted by Brittany

The Civil War and its impact on the District in the late 19th century...

Help Please I'm writing an essay and i need info!

  1. bobpursley

    What district? I am also somewhat confused by what you mean by "impact".

  2. Ms. Sue

    These sites should help you.





  3. Writeacher

    Do you not check your earlier posts ... even if you do play musical names??


  4. Brittany

    Thank You so much Ms.Sue your sites are doing me much help!

    & Writeteacher Me & My friend are in the same class I recommended this site for him to use for help but thank you for your assumption of "musical names" your very much so wrong. :)

  5. Ms. Sue

    You're very welcome.

    You and your friend, Isiah, used the same computer to ask these questions.

  6. Jenny

    need a good hook on a habitat loss that would get ppls attention

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