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Total plasma volume is important in determining the required plasma component in blood replacement theory for a person undergoing surgery. Plasma volume is influenced by the overall health and physical activity of an individual. Suppose that sample of 61 male firefighters are tested and that they have a plasma volume sample mean of ml/kg (milliliters of plasma per kilogram body weight). Assume that ml/kg for the distribution of blood plasma. Find the margin of error for 98% confidence level of the population mean blood plasma volume in male firefighters. Round your answer to two decimal places. 2.24 ml/kg
51.90 ml/kg
0.94 ml/kg
0.29 ml/kg
0.34 ml/kg

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    You are missing values of mean and SD.

    98% interval = mean ±2.33 SE

    SE (Standard error) = SD/√(n-1)

    Z = ±2.33 = (score - mean)/SE

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