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*= my answer
1. _____ is closely related to _____. a.)Absolutism,constitutional monarchy
b.)Revolution, figurehead
c.)Socialism, communism
*d.)Authoritarianism, democracy
2. Popular sovereignty is _____.
a.)the idea that the people are the ultimate source of authority
b.)a fundamental part of democracy
c.)not practiced in authoritarian governments
*d.)all of the above
3. Citizens of authoritarian regimes _____.
a.)have a voice in their government *b.)have few or no rights
c.)are all equal
d.)can vote while noncitizens cannot
4. In a large country like the United States, _____ is more practical than _____.
a.)monarchy, democracy
b.)totalitarianism, protecting civil rights
c.)a legislature, a parliament
*d.)representative democracy, direct democracy
5. The ancient Greek city-state of Athens was _____.
b.)a republic
c.)a direct democracy
*d.)a representative democracy

If I am wrong please fix with an explanation?

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    I disagree with these: 1 and 5.

    Look up the terms here:

    Let us know what you decide.

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    1. a.)Absolutism,constitutional monarchy
    5. c.)a direct democracy

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    I still disagree with #1, but now #5 is correct.

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    #1 is c.) socialism, communisn

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    to hell with it

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    to hell with it?? wow you should be ashamed

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    you should be ashamed

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