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What are the five types of power?

I don't know what the five types are and everytime zi search there is something different per, doctorol, attorney, etc... this is 5 types of power in business or negotiations.

Based on your experience with a negotiation, how does having one or more of the five types of power affect the dynamics of the negotiation?

I need to know the five types first, but then i need ideas, I can't think of a personal megoatiation situation. Thanks

  • Business Negotiations -

    Your text materials must explain the five types of power in business negotiations. Please keep looking there and contact your instructor for more information.

    Business negotiations could include convincing a customer to buy your product for a certain price.

  • Business Negotiations -

    yeah I kind of figured like negotiating a pay raise or salary, but I have combed the book several times.

    hmmmm,so, maybe I am overlooking something.
    I know position is one of them for sure, knowledge or expertise may be another, but I can't find five specific for the life of me.

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