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Can you please revise my first part of my paper. thanks
Is his 1958 novel, “Things Fall Apart”, Chinua Achebe embraces his African culture with all its imperfections, he depicts the African Ibo clan’s beliefs and customs from an African perspective point of view. Indeed, Achebe’s novel “Things Fall Apart” is a response motivated by the negative representation of Africa in European literature. Achebe uses literary techniques to portrait African tribal clan the Ibo. He uses effective techniques of description, linguistic and strong proverb connotations to give the audience a vivid picture of the traditions and customs which created stability among the Ibo society.
Written during the time of Nigerian independence from Brittan, through “Things Fall Apart” Achebe takes on the role of a teacher. His purpose is to further decolonize the minds of African peoples and reclaim their cultural native ways that were taken away through colonialism.”Things Fall Apart” is a reaction to the negative view of African history inculcated in young African people’s minds through Christian education that colonialism enforced. Achebe is concerned about the social responsibilities and obligations as an African writer to teach the younger generations to learn and appreciate their culture.

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    Titles of books need to be underlined or put in italics, not in quotation marks.

    Fix all run-ons. (You must have a period or other correct end punctuation to correctly end a sentence.)

    "portrait" is not a verb; what is the verb you need instead?

    "during the time of Nigerian independence" -- does this mean independence has already been gained? or when the native Nigerians were fighting for independence? or when native Nigerians were just beginning to realize they needed to work for independence? -- this is very unclear.

    Spelling ~~> Britain

    "people" (it's already plural; "peoples" is not necessary)

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