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Ms. Sue how does this opening sound for a plot summary?

I chose the book "Royally Jacked" and it turned out to be pretty good. The only thing that I didn't really like about it was that there wasn't really any high rising actions in there, but it was still good and describes the typical life of a teenager well.

Here is the intro to my summary:

In "Royally Jacked", Niki Burnham provides readers with sizzling romantic moments between two teens who think alike but have a different status.

Also, what is the significance of that title?

  • P.S -

    P.S is dissimilar a better word for different?

  • To Ms. Sue -

    The ending of that sentence doesn't quite make sense, I don't know how to finish it off.

    ....romantic moments between two teens who think alike but stand in a different position from eachother.

    Is that better?
    Any other suggestions?

  • To Ms. Sue -

    Your introduction is good. I'm sorry, but since I haven't read the book, I don't know the title's significance. Could it be that the royal family stole part of the character's life?

    I like "different" better than "dissimilar."

  • To Ms. Sue -

    How about --

    "but have diverse backgrounds."

  • To Ms. Sue -

    yeah that's much better, thanks.

    Yeah I also think that you're right about the title significance.

    Ms. Sue here is a summary for you about the book:

    Basically in this book there is a girl named Valerie who is an average kid at school. She gets good grades, has good amount of friends, etc. Then suddenly her mom announces that she's gay and that she's movin in with her gf. Things go in for a twist ~ that's like the initiating action. Valerie's dad has a bad effect on him with that news as well. He has lost his job with the government and found a new one someplace else. Valerie has no option. Both ways she will not be able to go to the same school. Her mom has found an apartment for herslef and her gf, and Valerie's dad has found a job in this european country. He works for the royal family there. Valerie meets this kid in the palace and start to develop affection for him. She later on discovers that he's the prince. They face minor problems, and at the end they say that they love each other. They understand eachother very well, and Georg inspite of being a prince, he's normal just like Valerie. He swears, etc. The only difference is their status. Georg is a prince.

    Overall this book was very interesting and unique.

  • To Ms. Sue -

    movin in with her gf. >> Spell these words.

    Valerie's dad has a bad effect on him with that news as well. >> Valerie's dad reacts badly to this news as well as another shock.

    in this european country >> in a European country

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