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I'm looking for three examples (quotes would be a big help) of the following three traits that Ralph displays:




Any quotes and examples from the book are INCREDIBLY APPRECIATED.
Essay due tomorrow and I cannot think of examples for Ralph in my comparative essay on Ralph vs. Queen Elizabeth I.


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    This is a form of drive-by homework posting. Shame on you!

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    explain to me exactly what drive-by homework posting is? I've been trying for almost a week to get some help, but alas no one seems to be attentive enough to look over and help me answer my question. I've already written 3000 words and I only have 1500 to go. The fact that I try to post this on what, two different pages to see if I can get some help?, is definitely not a crime. If I have the resources, I will use them. If I just so happen to use this, them that's my business. Also, you obviously googled this question to find your answer. Drive-by answer posting?

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