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What is the radius if:
degree of measurement of arc=30
My answer was 8xy.

degree of measurement of arc=40
My answer was 9t.

degree of measurement of arc=18
My answer was 45y.

These are the questions I missed, along with my answers. I would be grateful if someone could explain what I did wrong and work out the problem, so that I may understand it fully. Cheers!

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    These questions use the same formula
    arc = rØ as we saw in the third part of your previous post.
    I will do the first one:

    r = ?
    Ø = 40(π/180) = 2π/9 radians
    arc = (8/9)tπ

    r(2π/9) = (8/9)tπ
    r = 4t

    do the others the same way

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