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Find the Volume

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The diameter of a Sphere is 4.8 cm

Use 3.14 and round to the nearest thousandth.

A 57.876 cm3
B 463.012 cm3
c 289.382 cm3
d 72.346 cm3

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    radius = 4.8/2 = 2.4 cm
    Volume of a sphere
    = 4πr³/3
    = 4π(2.4³)/3
    = 57.906 cm³ using the exact value of π

    There is a serious problem with error calculation and significant figures in this question. The radius is given to 2 significant figures, and π used is accurate to 3 significant figures. The answer requested is accurate to 5 significant figures, of which the last two are incorrect.

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    I put B for this answer but I was not sure when I rounded it, this would be the closest answer.

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    The diameter of a Sphere is 4.8 cm, which means that the radius is...

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    Got it. Thanks MathMate..

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